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I have decided to identify this specific location as the first item in the relaunch of this web site because it has had (and continues to have) the potential to cause a very serious accident for over 8 weeks now.
     There are multiple issues with this particular location/installation, and not merely the fact that the vandalised sign is facing the wrong direction.
     To begin with, how did the post carrying this sign come to be specified and installed without a wide base as is required for illuminated signs (I assume that the Council or one of its consultants ordered it).
     The next question must be 'Why has this vandalised sign gone undetected for 8 weeks?' Has Camden now abandoned the daytime and nighttime scouting of highways for highway defects and lighting outages? Scouting for highway defects used to be carried out by in-house employees and arranged so that the entire highway network was "scouted" at least once every month during the day and at night.
     What will be interesting to see is how much longer this "defect" will remain uncorrected because there is some evidence that there are many other statutory services that may have been contracted to private companies. The problem with such arrangements. if they exist, is that it is the Council that has statutory powers and duties and NOT its contractors. Consequently, it will be the Council that will be held responsible if/when an "incident" occurs.


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Img 01
St Pancras Way One Way
System Looking North
Img 03
Note sign not visible to
traffic exiting Travis Perkins
Img 02
Turn Right sign facing wrong
direction and post undersized
Img 04
Enlarged view of damaged
illuminated sign.

Updated 31 July 2017

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